2015 EPIK Young Leaders Conference

Wednesday August 12, 2015

1:30 ~ 6:10 PM

Kukdo Hotel

Announcements 2015 EPIK Young Leaders Award Recipients
Announcements 2015 EPIK Young Leaders Conference: Essay Competition
Multimedia 2015 EPIK Young Leaders Conference
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EPIK Spiders (EPIK: Exchange for Interdisciplinary Knowledge Spiders), a network of EAI intern graduates, held the EPIK Young Leaders Conference, a thesis competition for undergraduate and graduate students from the distinguished universities around the world, on August 12, 2015. The 6th EPIK Young Leader's Conference was convened under the theme "Are conventional boundaries unraveling?." The winners were chosen after rigorous evaluation from renowned scholars from EAI knowledge network. During this year's conference, held at Kukdo Hotel, presentations and discussions on selected theses were presented and discussed by undergraduate and graduate panelists who are former EAI interns.


Are conventional boundaries unraveling?

We live in a rapidly changing world where conventional boundaries seem to be disintegrating. Yet, there are also boundaries that are being maintained and even reinforced. These boundaries may exist anywhere, in any form and at all levels. For instance, they could be tangible or intangible boundaries found at the subnational, national, or global level. As well, there are boundaries in various spheres, such as politics, economy, society, and culture. Any change in these boundaries may result in the restructuring of pre-existing systems and traditions. Examples may include the creation or weakening of the European Union, new social or cultural identification of individuals, emergence or dissolution of transnational issues, and the advent of new interdisciplinary fields.

In your opinion, are conventional boundaries unraveling? First, define the conventional boundary of your choice and discuss its evolution and impacts. Be sure to support your argument using methods including, but not limited to, illustrative case studies or quantitative analyses. You are free to write your paper in any academic discipline.


Opening Session

Opening Address
Sung Pyo Hong, Seoul National University; President of 2016 EPIK Spiders Committee

Welcoming Address
Sook-Jong Lee, President of EAI

Session I

Prof. Heon Joo Jung, Yonsei University

“The Pillars of Westphalia Remain Intact: How the Nation-States Survive the era of Globalization and Interdependence”
Woo Jeong Jang, Brown University

“Of Sovereignty, Norms, and the International Political System: The Potential of the‘New Sovereignty’ Scholarship amid Globalization”
Bum Joon Kwon, Sogang University

“Unraveling the Conventional Boundaries of the Law of War: The Classification and Regulation of Non-International Armed Conflicts in the Modern World”
Evan Ritli, Monash University

Eric Anderson, University of California San Diego
Ga Young Chung, Seoul National University
Hoo Ri Kim, Cornell University
Yun-Jin Kweon, LSE-Peking University
Yea-Seul Lim, Stanford University
Ekaterina Mozhaeva, Georgetown University

Coffee Break

Session II

Prof. Ji Yeoun Song, Seoul National University

“The Rationality of Using Emotions in International Politics”
Min Seon Ku, Yonsei University

“Unraveling of the Conventional Boundaries in Taiwan: Democratization and the Path to Independence”
Benjamin Lee, University of Washington

Min Cho, Smith College
Sung Pyo Hong, Seoul National University
You Jung Kim, Seoul National University
Sun Na Park, Ewha Womans University

Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Award Recipients

2nd prize
Min Seon Ku, Yonsei University
“Rational Emotions: The Role of Identity and Emotions in Dokdo/Takeshima Dispute between South Korea and Japan”
Evan Ritli, Monash University
“Unraveling Conventional Boundaries in International Humanitarian Law: The Classification and Regulation of Non-International Armed Conflicts in the Modern World”