Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the deadline for submissions?
A. In the “2016 EPIK Young Leaders Conference”, the finalists will be selected through two rounds of competition. Each deadline is as following.
    ● First Round: March 31, 2016
    ● Second Round: June 12, 2016
    ● Final Paper Submission: July 31, 2016

Q. How do I submit my application or essay?
A. Entries must be submitted via email( only.

Q. Who is eligible for the essay competition?
A. Essays must be submitted by domestic/overseas undergraduate and master's degree students (including the recent graduates who completed the program within the previous 2 years).

Q. I am a Ph.D student - can I still participate?
A. The competition is intended for undergraduate and master's degree students from any country of the world. No exceptions will be granted.

Q. In which language shall I submit my work?
A. The essay can only be written in English. The EPIK Young Leaders Conference is conducted in English.

Q. What is the length and format of the submissions?
A. Proposals, tables of contents, graphs and tables will NOT be counted into the number of words. All entries must be in MS Word format.

Q. Am I allowed to include graphs and tables in my essay?
A. Yes, you are welcome (but not obliged) to include relevant graphs and tables which will not be counted into the number of words. Please make sure that you explain what each graph or table represents.

Q. What is the proposal/abstract for the essay?
A. All authors are asked to write an abstract for their essay, which cannot exceed 400 words. The proposal/ abstract should explain purpose, methodology, reasoning and main conclusions of the essay. Writing an abstract is important as pre-selection of the essays will be based on the assessment of this only. This means that a good essay with a poorly written proposal will not be graded highly.

Q. What are the evaluation criteria for the submissions?
A. Essays will be graded for their structure and coherence, originality and creativity and the use of thoughtful and concrete proposals/examples.

Q. Is it allowed for two or more people to make for a team to work on one essay?
A. No. Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.

Q. Is it possible to use PowerPoint at the conference?
A. Yes, the finalists are recommended to use PowerPoint slides during their presentations.